Collaboration with sustainable fashion blogger

The crisis is ongoing, however, we realised we needed something positive. Our online shop has opened recently and you can shop unique and vintage finds on our shop page. You’ll find tops, bottoms, dresses and outerwear. And from today on, we’ve added a new category: My slow world.

My slow world is an online blog and platform founded by Alexandra, who calls herself a fashion revolutionist. With My slow world she celebrates sustainable and slow fashion, in order to show the beauty of fair. Today’s fashion industry isn’t a pretty one. To be honest, it’s rather horrific, polluting and humiliating. Planet earth, people and animals suffer from the harm fast fashion causes.

On Viva! Vintage we’re committed to only sells high quality second hand pieces, to show we don’t need to buy something completely new in order to look good. With second hand pieces, you are truly able to establish the same stylish and modern looks as with new.

Because My slow world and Viva! Vintage share these same values, they’ve decided to team up. You can now shop classic yet modern pieces, hand-picked by Alexandra on our website. Everything Alexandra selects, has been filtered by fit and material. You can be sure to get natural materials, such as silk, linen, cotton and wool, from her section of the store.

Will you fight the fashion industry with us?

Shop vintage now and safe the earth.