Exhibition: Meet Jean Cloud and Cloudia

expositie in kleding winkel Groningen

The crisis is ongoing, however, we realize we need something positive. Because we spend so much time at home, we really want to get inspired. 

The vintage clothes in the store are of course a source of positive vibes and inspiring outfits, but we want more!

One evening I was at home on the couch looking at my phone (again) when I suddenly came across a fantastic photo of a work of art by a local artist from Groningen. I immediately messaged the artist and that night we decided it was time to have an exhibition in the store. 

Now we finally have new inspiration and it is accessible to everyone who enters the store!

Title: Meet Jean Cloud and Cloudia

Artist: Turi Braaksma, Groningen

Turi Braaksma’s new work is made out of paper, tape and wood. These first two form the basis, after which a lot is teared off until the desired image is created: A strong, spatial shape that is at the same time flat and fragile.

Due to a carefully chosen division of surfaces and the use of different pastel shades, the works seem to enter the space. And they literally do too, because they stand on their own feet. This gives them their own character: Meet Jean Cloud and Cloudia!

In this exhibition, art and clothing are meant to be together.

Feel free to come by

This exhibition can be seen from November 21, 2020 to December 19, 2020.


The Viva! Vintage team and Turi Braaksma