How to find the perfect second hand dress

Summer season is approaching and we have things to do. Okay just kidding, we probably have nothing to do, as everything got cancelled, but that’s no reason to not dress up. Maybe we cannot go to festivals, yet we can dress up as if we’re going and just chill in awesome clothes in the garden. Let’s support small businesses and shop small and second hand. Let’s find that perfect preloved dress for that no-occasion summer dress-up. But how do you find that perfect dress or outfit?

We are here to help you out with that. With these simple and easy tips you’ll find that dress of your dreams.

Tip 1: Know your colours

Nothing is worse than buying something and ending up not wearing it. This is often due to several things, of which colour plays a huge role. Before you buy, find out the colours you love to wear. When you know you love to wear red, than stick with red and don’t go for orange all of a sudden. If you know you hate green, just skip all the green items.

Tip 2: Know your fit

The second thing to pay attention to is design and fit. Look at the items you already have. What is it that makes you love these items? Or what do you dislike? Do you like to wear things oversized, or would you like your items to cinch you at the waist? Do you like shorter dresses, midi or maxi ones? Keep in mind the design and fit you’re looking for.

Tip 3: Know your fabrics

Fabrics play a huge role in how items drape or feel whilst wearing them. Natural materials often look better than synthetic ones, so also keep that in mind. Flowy materials are: silk, viscose, light cotton, polyester and Tencel. Stiffer materials are: cotton, linen, wool and polyamide.

Tip 4: Don’t focus on size labels

Instead, focus on how the item looks. How will the drape be on you? When in store, just give it a try on, the labels are not always very accurate. When you buy online, ask for the measurements of the item, so you can check this with your own body measurements.

We hope these tips were helpful. Let us know if you have any additional tips and tricks. Together we will find the perfect preloved outfit and reduce mis-purchases.

Stay safe and fabulous.

Viva! Vintage