Become a seller

Give your clothes you no longer wear a second or third chance and sell them through our store

We care for our customers, their clothes and fashion as a statement. But we also care for our planet
How does it work?

During opening hours you can bring in your clothes for sale. You do not need to make an appointment for this. Check our opening hours to come by! 

We select the clothing you bring in while you drink coffee, view the store or are shopping. The clothes must be washed and suitable for the season, for example we do not accept winter jackets in the summer or summer dresses in autumn. The clothes you bring in can be second-hand or vintage. 

You will receive your own customer number for the clothing we accept and the clothing may remain in the store for 3 months.

You will receive a message from us after this period. You can then visit us to pick up your unsold clothes and after the sales period has expired and your items have been sold, you will be paid 40% of the sales price charged by us. Please indicate in advance whether you want unsold clothing back or that we can donate it to a good cause.

If you have any questions, feel free to message us!


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