Our own handmade printed bag

Our own handmade printed bag
Sustainability is the most important topic for us in our store and in all the choices we make. We try to do everything as sustainable as possible, but we are still on our journey to learn more. Aren't we all?

We were looking for the most sustainable way to get our own bags into the store. Our advice is of course to bring your own bag to the store, but sometimes it is handy to get a bag to carry your new vintage gems with you.

Luckily, we found a company where you can order stamps made from hardwood. These are made from sustainably managed forests and the stamp itself is made from ecological rubber. This rubber comes from 100% natural sources and is 100% recyclable. 

We have had our stamp made by this company and now we can endlessly print our own bags with our own logo! Meanwhile we also found ink from Memento, which is the most durable ink we could find. 

We use brown Kraft bags, these are sustainable paper carrier bags. The paper is made from household paper, for example: newspapers, books, boxes, and packaging

So now we can finally print our own sustainable bags, which is also a lot of fun to do ourselves! And we can provide you with the bags for your new purchases with confidence!

Viva! Vintage