The handmade Jacket

The handmade Jacket

We are so excited to introduce our first outerwear to the Viva! Vintage collection.

Meet the handmade Viva! Jacket.

Each jacket has for instance his own unique pattern, fit, classic elements and funky details, such as pockets in different places. Handmade fashion is rare these days, however we believe it’s always good to invest into unique pieces.

Last summer we started our own in-house line with handmade kimonos from upcycled fabrics and now secondly we are adding our own jacket line to our collection.

Our coats are handmade and designed by our own local seamstress Edith in collaboration with Joyce, the founder of Viva! Vintage

Help us fight the fast fashion industry by above all buying from local shops, that are trying to do better.

Find your own unique jacket in the store now!


The Viva! Vintage team