The Viva! Vintage jingle!

The Viva! Vintage jingle!
We released our own Viva! Vintage song with videoclip!
And we never thought it would be such a hit!

We have completely recovered from all the promotion around our own Viva! Vintage jingle. We are very happy with all the responses we have received.
Most of all, thank you, we really felt like rock stars!

When we put the video clip online, it was viewed more than we had followers within a few hours. That is why the Groningen online news site Sikkom called us to interview us. They said our video went viral, which we could never have guessed beforehand. 

Read sikkom's full article about us and our jingle HERE!

Then on the same day we were also called by the local news channel of Groningen OOG TV. They asked us if we wanted to make an item for the television to which we of course said yes.
On a Sunday we filmed and were we interviewed which was great fun! 

Watch the full awesome item from OOG TV HERE!

Can't get enough of our jingle?
Watch and listen to our jingle below

Viva! Vintage