Handpicked vintage clothes for men, woman and in between

If someone asks you where your garment comes from, you can now say ”sorry it’s vintage”

When asked to explain what Viva! Vintage is exactly, Joyce AKA the Bosslady eloborates: ”Viva! Vintage is an initiative of vintage clothing collectors from exquisite and genderfluid vintage, beloved items and handmade one-of-a-kind pieces.”
Our whole collection changes on a monthly basis, the clothes in our store are classified by color, because we believe that clothing does not have a gender and that you should wear what you feel like.
In our store you can also bring in the clothes that you no longer wear, so that they get a second or third chance and you can earn something from them. In this way we fight together for a sustainable clothing industry.
We strive for a more sustainable world and a place where we can express ourselves creatively and be inspired.

Our videoclip!
We have our own Viva! Vintage jingle! Check out our videoclip! 
After our music video we went viral!! 

We were asked to record an item with the local news channel oogtv and we went out on the street to perform our song and were interviewed! Check it out here!! Or read our interview with the Groningen local news platform Sikkom here!